Steve Ballmer @ D8 Conference – where’s the vision gone?

“I don’t think the whole world is going to be able to afford 5 devices per person” says Steve. A couple of observations.

When Microsoft was founded, the idea of a pc on every desk and in every home was absurd, but it was a remarkable vision for the 80s which MSFT delivered on. A few years ago the vision statement was actually changed, as the original goal was on the verge of being achieved (in the industrialized world anyway).

Steve’s also plain wrong, many people in the world already have a pc at work, a pc at home, a phone and an iPod – that’s 4 devices, is it a big stretch to get to 5? Equally, this is not just just true of New York and Paris, it’s true of Shenzen and KL too. As William Gibson said, the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.

Feels like it’s the end of SteveB @ MSFT to me, and loved the quote from Rob Glaser at RealNetworks “Is Microsoft empire about to crumble?” Me: “Yes, like the British empire, not the Soviet.”


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