Why you should backup, and how…

Time Machine

Time Machine

For many years I used Time Machine to backup my MacBook Pro and never had a problem (although it was a great resource when I upgraded my hard drive), but I recently re-assigned my 500Gb USB disk to my Dell Laptop and didn’t reconnect it to the Mac, bad move…

After installing a few apps and drivers, and after around 2 years with the base install, my Mac started slowing down yesterday, and ultimately failed to boot OSX, though it would still boot my Bootcamp XP (new install) environment. This morning, I decided to flatten OSX and tried to back up my XP install, it failed to boot too. Very symptomatic of a duff 500Gb HD, so I’ve reinstalled a spare 160Gb laptop SATA drive and am currently re-installing OSX Snow Leopard.

I will do a Time Machine backup and then try out the 500Gb disk again – it’s maybe just worked too hard…in this case I’ll do a TM restore to save the OSX install time.

Another useful activity I think will be to prep a USB stick as a bootable Snow Leopard installer

Once I’ve reinstalled XP in my Bootcamp environment I’ll connect that to Windows Home Server vail and backup, then maybe even try a restore.


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