Snow Leopard BootCamp Backup and Saving vhd’s

Looked around for some recommendations and found WinClone for OSX, looks like it does a nice job of backing up a BootCamp partition under OSX, I’ll also see if VMware Fusion has got better at handling the BootCamp partition.

I’m also planning to install the beta of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 to test to see if it solves the BSD on Hyper-V on my Dell 1747. I boot my WS2008 install from VHD, so first step (after the crash last time…) is to create a rar archive of the VHD (11Gb VHD shrunk to 5Gb) before I apply the beta – I’ll also be able to revert to a ‘clean’ install if I want to upgrade to production too.

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