Vacanze in Italia

A great week in Italy, so I thought time for some notes. Firstly, the euro exchange rate makes a normal lunch an expensive proposition, even though it’s possible to get a pizza for 7 eur, we rarely got away with a lunch for two under 45.

Best meal of the trip was at Il Solitario in Anacapri, a fantastic antipasto misto, followed by a brilliant spaghetti (well, thick home made spaghetti) with clams and a neopolitan pizza.

We were shocked by the floods at Atrani, next door to Amalfi, on thursday night. The storm was remarkable, going on for around 3 hours, so the mudslide was not a great surprise, though shocking.

All in all, Capri was a highlight, even though it’s unreal the same way that hollywood is, it’s understandable why the false movie gods love it there. Next time we’ll go in a yacht. The Amalfi coasting is spectacular, but with hindsight we’d probably have spent maybe 3 days there rather than a week. Pompeii makes anyone think of history and mortality – the house of the guitar player a memorable stop. Naples was crowded, and as we visited on a rainy day, didn’t really engage. Amalfi’s highlight was the piazza del dogi, a small square off the main drag, featuring the bar l’abside and an excellent seafood trattoria La Baracca, where the waiter came from Pogerola and we had the second best pasta w clams of the trip, including shredded courgette and cheese. Sorrento was the most real place on the peninsula, the jumping off spot for Capri, and a fine lunch at Da Emilia in the marina grande (actually quite piccolo).

We left the amalfi coast on Friday morning to head for Rome, and having had a lunch in trastevere, went looking for accommodation. The orange data plan came in handy, as we found a residenzia next to campo di fiery, del bollo, which was a great location. We weren’t bothered that the room had little natural light, as no windows in Rome means less noise! Back to the great bar behind piazza navona, in via Della pace, and dinner at the argentinian steak house, Baires, again one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Yesterday was a curtailed shopping day owing to lack of interest from me, but Anne found and excellent leather shop, Ibiz, and a distinctive bag. Finally dinner in piazza farnese, with some of the best cured ham you can find. I enjoyed an excellent gnochetti with gorgonzola and grated walnut, Anne scampish, combined with a fine bottle of valpocella.

Now, a boring time at the airport waiting for a flight back to edinburgh. Suppose a bit more time on GTA Chinatown Wars on the iPad.


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