Paperlite and Windows Phone – Scan to PDF

We’d all love to lose paper, and I am restarting a paper-lite quest, based on MacSparky’s Paperless and encouraged by recent Wired Geekdad Living with Less Clutter

Camera phones have revolutionised scanning, and I want to use my camera to capture receipts, text, scribbles and sync them to OneDrive, but it does look like Evernote and OneDrive may have better tools (another post)

With this in mind I have tried some winpho scanning apps, CamScanner, HandyScan, HD Scanner and MDScan. PerfectScan seems to have departed the windows store. For the record, HD Scanner is my product of choice, but I will likely use MDScan on my Surface.

CamScanner – 5/10 free (premium $4.99/mo)

Good scan, crop, and touch up features, but seems to be fixated on forcing you to use their own storage site, with no save to OneDrive, Dropbox or Evernote. The iPad app does save to Dropbox, so maybe an example of trying to force the windows user down a different route. The web site also seems excruciatingly slow. Includes OCR

HandyScan 4/10 £2.29

No save to pdf on trial – poor choice. ‘Scanning’ dialogue takes (unnecessary) time. Poor detection, defaults to rectangular, choice of filters. Can’t change OneDrive folder, annoying ad for ‘SkyManager’ bloatware. Also available on iPad. Poor

HD Scanner 7/10 £2.29

Nice to have a ‘try’ option on install (Watermark on trial), rather than a crippled app. Good crop/edge with guidelines, good OneDrive folder choice.  200k grayscale pdf

MD Scan 6/10 £0.79

Nice quick clean snap, edge detection good. No file location prompt on Skydrive. creates MDScan folder without prompt (defaults to zip not pdf). Default scan 1.12mb receipt file, grayscale.  Available on WinRT & Android





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