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David Miliband and Courage

Gordon Brown wrote a book on Wartime Courage, I wonder if David Miliband is looking back at the last 24 months wondering if some past courage may have given him a very different future.

I am astonished that commentators seem to have completely glossed over the fact that if Miliband the Elder had stood in opposition to Gordon Brown, either at the time of his coronation or when he bottled a coup, he could be prime minister today. With hindsight, a Miliband led Labour may have won a few more seats, and would certainly have been able to have a credible coalition discussion with the Liberals, as David Cameron struggled to form a government.

However, I’m delighted Ed is leader, although I am not a Labour supporter, he is undoubtedly the more human and engaging of the siblings.


Ann Clwyd MP Complains About Expenses Processes

I have just sent a email to this creature following her whinging about MPs expenses on Radio4, I don’t expect a reply, but will post it if I get one.

Ann – I just heard you on R4 saying that you would not have stood again if you knew how hard it would be to claim expenses, 144k last year from what I can see. This is easily resolved, resign now. As a private businessman and a former employee I have to submit detailed expenses claimed backed by receipts to HMRC and/or my employers, applying these simple processes to parliamentarians who are mistrusted by the majority of the population is not unreasonable.

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