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ReInstalling XP on Acer Aspire 1350

Acer Aspire 1350I agreed to reload Windows XP onto an old Acer 1350 PC for a friend, but although the install worked ok, the boot up is interminable  and I think there may be a hard disk problem (it’s sat around for a long time).

After much messing around, there are 2 problems, firstly it has only 256Mb of memory, with 64Mb assigned for video, so not a lot there.

The second problem is the HD, after a few hours of trying distros, it does seem that the HD is duff. I’m confused why the LiveCDs should take so long to boot, but assume that cyclic redundancy errors trying to mount the disk are the root of the problem.

So onwards – having built an nLite image of XPSP3 Home with an OEM preinstall, it’s just a reinstall. Annoying that the OEM install seems to stop for some reason at the Machine Name.

I considered installing Win98 as a blast from the past, but an up to date lightweight Linux would be ideal.

Seems like any OS takes a lifetime to load, must be the 512mb of memory. Will be trying Opera for Linux browser though to see if it’s as fast & lightweight as claimed.

Looking for small & light I came across Fast Linux Distros but I’m not convinced it’s completely up to date, and it omitted Ubuntu. However, I may try openSUSE with LXDE and PCLinux.  First attempt will be xUbuntu though, as a light version of a modern distribution. Surprised that the BitTorrent download of xUb is so slow, the direct download is much faster.

It’s sad to find that DamnSmallLinux seems to have died off, it was always a quick and reliable fix


Browser Certificate Error – Create Your Own CA

My home server throws an annoying SSL error whenever I visit it, and sadly a real SSL certificate issue is expensive (seems to be around £20/annum for a single site, and I have a few that I want to host)

Looks like the answer is to self certificate, and although I considered loading OpenSSL for Windows I’ve opted for an Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 x86 installation. I’ll set this up in Virtual PC (migrate to Hyper-V later) and maybe write some notes on that too.

Linux & Hyper-V

Nice post from John Kelbey Linux & Hyper-V The Easy Way, I’ll check out my own experiences with Ubuntu 10.x later

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