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PS3 Video and Network Performance

Trying to play an avi from a USB stick on my PS3, it refused to find the file when clicking the USB device in the video memory, answer, click the triangle key and select display all, and the file appears. Still can’t see the avi on my Home Server though.

Also looks like wmv playback is much faster than avi or mp4 from my home server; I’m not sure if WHS is decoding on the fly for avi playback as the PS3 doesn’t have the codec.

Finally, I’ve been having network nightmares, I thought were due to the primary wired connection from my router to the rest of the network being via a HomePlug AV (power over ethernet) connection. However, it looks like my router’s DNS is very poor, and the issue may be that it’s serving DNS itself rather than providing DNS server addresses to my devices.

For reference, BT’s Business DNS servers are and


Setting Up BT Broadband Static IP

A process that’s not very well documented, it appears. This BT Customer Service article helps a great deal.

First, you need to enable the WAN IP on the hub, via Settings/Broadband (near the bottom)

Then the device you want to have a static IP needs to be assigned, back on the hub //home page, click Device Details

Then click NAT & Address translation

and pick the Public (select WAN IP Mapping) drop down, then select your preferred address

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