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iTunes Sync Server to Mac

Holidays are a good day to catch up on things you’ve been meaning to do fopr ages. I have all of my music on my Home Server (WHS), but iTunes is dog slow if I try to access the 100Gb of files directly and update anything. So I keep a copy of my music on my MacBook locally (it’s nice to have a backup too, even though it’s mirrored on WHS).

I decided to try out a folder sync app, Sykron, which is cross platform. In summary, it works very nicely and I’d recommend it, my WHS and Mac folders are now in sync, and I’ll probably set it up to automatically sync too, so that any music added to the server gets added to the Mac too, and any artwork/genre etc updates will get sync’d back to WHS.

However, to automatically add music to iTunes when it gets sync’d? For this, go to Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes and add the folder update

Next problem, how to deal with moves and renames so they don’t duplicate…


PS3 Video and Network Performance

Trying to play an avi from a USB stick on my PS3, it refused to find the file when clicking the USB device in the video memory, answer, click the triangle key and select display all, and the file appears. Still can’t see the avi on my Home Server though.

Also looks like wmv playback is much faster than avi or mp4 from my home server; I’m not sure if WHS is decoding on the fly for avi playback as the PS3 doesn’t have the codec.

Finally, I’ve been having network nightmares, I thought were due to the primary wired connection from my router to the rest of the network being via a HomePlug AV (power over ethernet) connection. However, it looks like my router’s DNS is very poor, and the issue may be that it’s serving DNS itself rather than providing DNS server addresses to my devices.

For reference, BT’s Business DNS servers are and

Browser Certificate Error – Create Your Own CA

My home server throws an annoying SSL error whenever I visit it, and sadly a real SSL certificate issue is expensive (seems to be around £20/annum for a single site, and I have a few that I want to host)

Looks like the answer is to self certificate, and although I considered loading OpenSSL for Windows I’ve opted for an Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 x86 installation. I’ll set this up in Virtual PC (migrate to Hyper-V later) and maybe write some notes on that too.

Remote Access to Home Server Vail

Nice bit of work today, my Home Server (Virtual Machine) is now on t’interweb, with a public IP address – I could do with assigning it a domain and certificate, but for now I’m ok with it

Network Discovery on Server 2008

Unable to see my WHS Server from WS2008, looks like I need to switch on SSDP and UPnP Discovery as per this post, though there isn’t a UPnP Discovery service, just a UPnP device host service

Windows Home Media Server ‘Vail’ beta on Hyper-V

Today’s job for private time (got a lot of work to do…) is to set up WHS Vail on my Ws2008R2 Hyper-V server to test it out for my new home network setup. The setup will be another blog another time.

MediaSmartServer has a review which I’ll have a look over; key features for me are Media Center Recorded TV support, and DLNA streaming to my Sony KDL32-EX700

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