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SQL Install – No Mapping Between Account Names and Security IDs

Working on a test virtual install of SharePoint 2010, an interesting error on installing SQL 2008 R2, “No Mapping Between Account Names and Security IDs”. Turns out I was dumb in re-using a server image which hadn’t been sysprep’d with the generalise option. See


Installing Windows Server 2008 in a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

One of the most useful features of Windows7/2008 is the ability to create a virtual hard disk as a bootable disk; in this way you can have multiple bootable operating systems (or configurations) without partitioning – this means that installations can be copied or backed up quickly and easily, and the virtual disks can be mounted and accessible on the other installs as required. This useful feature makes managing a multi-boot machine very easy.

The only downside that I have identified so far is that VHD installs can’t be hibernated, but that’s not an issue for a server o/s as far as I’m concerned.

See Windows IT Pro for instructions on how to create a VHD installation.

I’m installing VMware Server 2.0 on Server2008 for now, so that I can migrate my SharePoint 2010 VM’s to ESXi 4.1 when I get my new network card.

Hyper-V Video Blue Screen of Death – fixed

UPDATE – this is fixed in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (in the beta at least…they might break it again in RTM!)

This is a pretty widely reported problem with high spec video cards & Hyper-V

However, a Wikipedia article suggests that it may be possible to workaround this by installing pre-WDDM drivers (ie Windows XP drivers). Of course, this is no easy job on a laptop as ATi and nVidia lock down their ‘standard’ installers so they don’t work on laptops.

The way around this on the Dell/Radeon 4650 is to use Mobility Modder from HardwareHeaven

I’ll give it a go this weekend and update the blog

UPDATE – tried to mod the ATi driver and install but Windows reckons ‘the best driver is already installed’. Tried to change the ‘FeatureScore‘ to FC, but no joy with that. Maybe WS2008R2 really doesn’t support XPDM as alluded

For now, will stick to the SVGA @ 1152×864

Windows Server 2008 on Dell 1747: Hyper-V BSOD – Fixed

UPDATE – SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 fixes the BSOD on high performance, I can only assume that work on RemoteFX to enable performance graphics over TS meant that embarassing crashes for servers with high performance graphics were no longer acceptable.

So, time to get Hyper-V and WS2008 R2 on my Dell. Booted up with a DVD in the drive, trying to add the OS as a VHD at the command prompt has no joy. Shift-Fn-F10 didn’t work, had to reboot and change Fn key behaviour in the BIOS (a bit irritating).

My 1747 has 2 x 500Gb HD’s, and I have WinXpSP3 installed on the primary partition of (what i thought was…) disk00, however, it seems that the seconf HDD is now disk00, and my WinXP/Win7 install is on disk01. This means that my Win7 C: partition is actually E: on boot, a bit unusual.

There are a few decent sites out there regarding WS2008 as a laptop o/s, see as a first stop


After the usual password and naming work, I need internet access to run windows update, so Open Server Manager and add Feature Wireless LAN Service. Enable remote access and remote management to make it all easier. Of course I forgot I needed the driver from Dell

I’m never happy with defaul drive naming (C: D: E: etc) and I always mount my additional drivers as \disknn consistently across a multiboot evironment; this also makes it consistently easy to create vhd’s across drives. I had to disable the paging file on drive D: before I could unmount and rename the drive.

Run Windows Update (36 essential, 3 optional updates)

Installed the Desktop Experience thru Features

Switched off CTL-ALT-DEL at logon

Turn off Shutdown Tracker

Run netplwiz from Start to autologon

Optimise Application Performance

Enable Sound, Install Search

For me, MagicDisc is an essential, especially as I want to install Forefront Client Security from an iso. This simple little app let’s you mount any disk image as a drive, very nice (PS I always change my physical DVD to Z: and MagicDisc to Y:)

Installed Hyper-V role and got a very nasty blue screen of death, restarting in Safe Mode to see what’s happening

UPDATE – should have been aware of this, widely reported Hyper-V and Video problem on WS2008

Looks like I can’t get the vieo driver uninstalled, so I’ll rebuild (annoying) and try out the beta of SP1 for WS2008 R2

Installing Hyper-V Manager on Windows7

Just in case you aren’t aware, if you want to remotely access a Hyper-V virtual machine during startup or shutdown (you can RDP when it’s running of course), you’ll need to install Hyper-V Manager on an appropriate client.

The process is a little opaque, what you actually need to install is the Remote Server Admin Toolkit for Windows7 from here and then follow the instructions to enable Hyper-V Manager in Control Panel/Programs.

This isn’t the whole story though, you also need access rights between client and (Hyper-V) server, and there is a great tool, HVremote, to fix this.

Network Discovery on Server 2008

Unable to see my WHS Server from WS2008, looks like I need to switch on SSDP and UPnP Discovery as per this post, though there isn’t a UPnP Discovery service, just a UPnP device host service

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