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Installing Windows Server 2008 in a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

One of the most useful features of Windows7/2008 is the ability to create a virtual hard disk as a bootable disk; in this way you can have multiple bootable operating systems (or configurations) without partitioning – this means that installations can be copied or backed up quickly and easily, and the virtual disks can be mounted and accessible on the other installs as required. This useful feature makes managing a multi-boot machine very easy.

The only downside that I have identified so far is that VHD installs can’t be hibernated, but that’s not an issue for a server o/s as far as I’m concerned.

See Windows IT Pro for instructions on how to create a VHD installation.

I’m installing VMware Server 2.0 on Server2008 for now, so that I can migrate my SharePoint 2010 VM’s to ESXi 4.1 when I get my new network card.


Adding Audio Recording in Hyper-V RDP Windows7

Interesting post to enable remote mic connection (eg Skype etc) in an RDP VM see for a registry hack

HD HomeRun Windows7 Virtual Machine

Well, I don’t know if it’s going to work yet, but here’s a very nice screen shot of the HD Homerun under Hyper-V

Update – though the HomeRun QuickTV app works, Media Center doesn’t, no guide download an no live TV, but I will test it as an extender. Seems from TheGreenButton that someone has made it work

Installing Hyper-V Manager on Windows7

Just in case you aren’t aware, if you want to remotely access a Hyper-V virtual machine during startup or shutdown (you can RDP when it’s running of course), you’ll need to install Hyper-V Manager on an appropriate client.

The process is a little opaque, what you actually need to install is the Remote Server Admin Toolkit for Windows7 from here and then follow the instructions to enable Hyper-V Manager in Control Panel/Programs.

This isn’t the whole story though, you also need access rights between client and (Hyper-V) server, and there is a great tool, HVremote, to fix this.

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